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Every year, professional cyclists experiment with new performance enhancers in hopes of gaining an edge. During the 2018 Tour de France, we offered riders an alternative: Cycling apparel with 37.5® Technology proven to provide similar performance advantages as illegal doping. Each day of the Tour, a few free 37.5® Technology doping kits were put up for grabs at StartDoping.com all with the goal of getting some clean athletes to finally start doping.

pass the competition. and drug tests.

37.5® Technology partner, MissionWorkshop, provided the cycling kits—bibs, jersey, and socks—made with 37.5 Technology that were packaged in the custom designed doping kits and sent to cyclists around the country.

The program was launched at the beginning of the Tour de France with press coverage spanning multiple industries, from apparel to cycling. For two weeks, daily posts on 37.5® Technology’s social channels would alert followers when a new supply of free doping kits were available.

Cyclists too slow to claim a free doping kit at StartDoping.com were encouraged to follow 37.5® Technology to learn when more doping kits had arrived or to go to the MissionWorkshop website where they could purchase a kit.

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