Domino's Electric Delivery Vehicles

Pizza and Electric Vehicles have one thing in common: they make the world a better place. This insight gave life to the partnership between Domino’s and Chevy to create the largest electric pizza delivery fleet in the country. In an extensive company-wide effort, over 1,000 Chevy Bolt EVs are now on the road today, with more to come.

A Mobile Billboard

We started by designing an attention-grabbing new wrap for the fleet that brought electrified pizza delivery to life.

Social Tweets

Next, we told the story of this action through a national campaign which featured :30 and :15 spots, digital video, and social extensions including the chance to win a new 2023 Chevy Bolt EV.

Customers could also get a 3D look at the new fleet and track its roll-out across the country via a microsite which served as a hub for the campaign.

Social Tweets

The campaign launch was the most wide-reaching coverage Domino’s had ever seen, landing stories across automotive, fleet vehicle, food/pizza/QSR, green/sustainability, investing/stock/financial, national, politics/federal government, technology and advertising press.


1 Billion

Earned Media Impressions


EVS on the road
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