Domino's Mind Ordering

To help reach a younger, advertising-adverse demographic, while demonstrating our commitment to creating magical ordering platforms, we combined forces with Netflix’s Stranger Things to launch a first-of-its-kind technology that let fans order Domino’s with their minds. And then built a storyline and campaign that was authentic and engaging to fans while, more importantly, driving orders for Domino’s.

You Can order pizza with your mind

The Domino’s Mind Ordering App leveraged a special concoction of facial recognition and eye-tracking technology that made users feel they had telekinetic powers, just like the character Eleven in the show. Mimicking her gestures allowed users to navigate and control the app without a single tap. The experience let users (subjects) test their newfound powers in a virtual Hawkins National Lab where, in addition to ordering pizza with their mind, they could explore and uncover hidden easter eggs.

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Next, to promote the app and build excitement for the launch of Stranger Things Season 4, we created a 3-minute longform video that was intended to make fans feel like they were watching a deleted scene from the show. To remain as authentic as possible, we collaborated with show writers, filmed in exact locations, shot with real characters Dustin (played by Gaten Matarazzo) and Lucas (played by Caleb McLaughlin), used many of the same crew, and worked with Oscar-nominated director Ted Melfi (Hidden Figures, St. Vincent).


Further support came in the form of a redesigned Domino’s pizza box. Because of the nostalgia ever-present in Stranger Things, the design was inspired by the cultural presence of Domino’s in the ‘80s while also being infused with easter eggs from the show. The box featured a QR code that directed people to download the app. Over 200M boxes were printed.

Domino's Mind Ordering

Domino's Mind Ordering

Domino's Mind Ordering

Domino's Mind Ordering

A full campaign was built around this mind-blowing innovation, including a :30 TV spot, microsite, digital videos, a Snapchat Lens, and TikTok Hashtag Challenge, to name a few.

Mind Ordering :30


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