Domino's Recycling Box

In the United States there are approximately 3 billion pizza boxes used every year, which represents an estimated 600,000 tons of highly desired corrugated material that should be recycled and not needlessly wasted. But over the years there have been mixed messages on whether or not those pizza boxes can be recycled. To set the record straight that pizza boxes can in fact be recycled, cheese and grease residue included, we completely redesigned Domino’s pizza boxes with a brand new look and feel and prominently displayed the messages “Do Your Slice” and “Recycle This Pizza Box.”

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100s of millions of pizza boxes have been printed and are out in the market, which include a QR code that takes customers to a website where they can check their local refuse regulations, and see the study that Domino’s commissioned (which uncovered that 70% of the U.S. population has access to pizza box recycling).

Domino's Recycling Box

The design of the new recycling boxes also became the foundation of a new packaging design system for Domino’s.

Domino's Recycling Box

Beyond press coverage across the country, Drew Barrymore stirred up this age-old debate on her talk show, featuring Domino’s new pizza box.

Pizza Boxes are Recyclable

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