Mike's Harder The Harder Farmer

Mike’s Harder Lemonade is a brand that turns it up to an 11 and so are the people who drink it. So after two years of not advertising, our campaign absolutely needed to be an 11 in order to maintain Mike’s number one position in the category and to help introduce a new flavor innovation. Enter the Harder Farmer. He grows the hardest lemons to make the hardest lemonade. He lives at an 11.

Launching the Harder Farmer

We introduced The Harder Farmer to the world through a series of videos, stills, and GIFs that ran across OLV and social channels supporting their core product, Mike’s Harder Lemonade.

The Harder Farmer also helped introduce a new flavor innovation that would prevent competitors from stealing additional market share – Mike’s Harder Half & Half (half tea and half lemonade). These videos ran across linear TV and a variety of social channels (Reddit, Snapchat, Meta) which resulted in overwhelmingly positive brand sentiment.

But the Harder Farmer didn’t stop there. He takes it up to 11, remember? So he showed up at WWE’s WrestleMania 38 and helped Boogs and Shin train for their match. This partnership consisted of a series of training that ran on social and a full in-stadium Mike’s Harder Half & Half takeover that included stadium signage, Boogs and Shin’s wardrobe, and The Harder Farmer coaching them from the sidelines as they competed.

Wrestle Mania 38 Entrance



Increase in Mike’s Harder Lemonade Sales


Increase in sales of all other Mike’s Hard products in the portfolio


Mike’s Harder Half & Half became the #1 FMB single serve innovation in the country.
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