Nescafé Coffee Taproom

Once iconic, Nescafé Instant Coffee now competes against a plethora of high-end coffee options that have emerged over the past several decades. With major brick-and-mortar brands like Starbucks and Tim Hortons encroaching on the at-home coffee segment in Canada, it was time for Nescafé to fight back.

A Coffee Shop That Doesn't Sell Coffee

Nescafé Sweet & Creamy sachets provide an easy and affordable way to make a creamy cup of coffee at home. But, even when you make your coffee at home, there are still times you want to hang out in a coffee shop. Rather than sending people into our competitors' establishments for these occasions, we partnered with Nescafé to launch the Nescafé Coffee Taproom.

The coffee shop was equipped with fast Wi-Fi, comfortable places to sit and work, 12 hot water taps to make a perfect cup of creamy coffee, and even cups with your name misspelled on the side, just like you get in those other coffee shops.

PR Video

Coffee Taproom

Coffee Taproom

To launch the campaign, we created eight pieces of video content, kicked-off a major sampling effort to drive foot traffic to the taproom, and promoted the content through paid online and influencer campaigns.

An Exclusive Perk For Sweet & Creamy Customers

To give the Taproom a layer of exclusivity, or perk of ownership for Nescafé customers, the door could only be unlocked by scanning a Sweet & Creamy coffee sachet.

Get Your Name Misspelled

Misspelled :15


- Eater



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Sales Increase During Campaign
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