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truTV is a comedy network that’s hell-bent on bringing their unique brand of funny to the world. To make sure everything they do is funny, and to better connect viewers with the shows they love, we kicked off an unconventional hiring campaign for a funny job.

Be An Impractical Jokers Scooperstar

The Impractical Jokers is one of truTV’s most popular shows. So we set out to hire someone to man their Scoopski Potatoes food truck at Comic-Con in San Diego via a real LinkedIn job posting on Turner Broadcasting’s page. What is Scoopski Potatoes you ask? Don’t worry, it’ll make sense soon enough.

Fans were encouraged to apply by posting videos that showcased their scooping skills.

Hundreds of people applied

One passionate fan was hired to showcase their skills in San Diego. And we created a video piece that aired during the annual Jokers Block Party on truTV to prove we were hiring for real.

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Scooperstar Hired
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