Domino's Return of The Noid

Domino’s has a storied history with its anti-hero, the Noid™; a character whose sole mission in life is to thwart hot and fresh pizza deliveries, especially those from Domino’s. It’s been gone since the 80s, but in 2021 we brought back the Noid in a series of executions across National TV, mobile gaming, TikTok, and even NFTs, reinvigorating nostalgic fans’ love of the character and introducing it to an entirely new generation.

Crashing the party

In the first major foray into gaming for the brand since the original Yo!Noid for Nintendo, we partnered with King Games to bring Domino’s into the new Crash! Bandicoot mobile game with two unique pizza-themed character skins and the Noid appearing as a “mini-boss” in a new level.

Chris standing up holding his daughter Elva

To drive incremental sales via the partnership, we created a series of paid assets across digital and social.

Avoiding The Noid On TikTok

Next, on TikTok, we created a unique animation of the Noid, licensed Pat Benatar’s “Hit Me With Your Best Shot,” and partnered with a handful of creators to duet the video and promote the contentamongst their fans.


We also leveraged the Noid to enter the NFT space in an unexpected way, by urging people not to buy NFTs the Noid was pedaling to raise money for its next anti-pizza plot. Three unique NFTs were released on Rarible and via an anti-Noid press release.


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