Jimmy John’s, a company with a history of taking action, wanted to maintain their place as leaders in the delivery space, while also proving they’re the most passionate sandwich company in the world. So at a time when every major QSR company was announcing partnerships with third-party delivery services, like UberEats and Grubhub, we announced a partnership of our own—with ourselves, forever. Other companies might be ok with delivering soggy food to their customers in just under an hour, but not Jimmy Johns, who has lived by its Freaky Fresh® tagline for years.


We kicked off the campaign by making sure our bold promise was more than just words by launching biting billboards in key third-party markets across the country.

Next, we created a series of wild postings and videos that were comprised of hundreds of real customer complaints about third-party delivery.

This simple, yet powerful, action generated articles across consumer, industry, and trade pubs, landed Jimmy John’s execs in interviews, and got the press listening and waiting for our next move.

Fox Business Interview

A SANDWICH- Obsessed tagline

As part of this first action-based campaign, we also launched a new tagline to answer the question, “Why did Jimmy John’s just do this? Because sandwich.”


300 Million

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