KitKat 360° Zen Garden

KitKat wanted to introduce the Matcha Green Tea KitKat that’s extremely popular in Asia to the Canadian market for the first time. To do so in a breakthrough and memorable way, we leveraged the fact that KitKat is synonymous with having a break.

Have a KitKat. Have a Zen Break

Rather than the traditional :10 or :15 online video content, we created a minute-long interactive 360° video that put viewers in the center of a beautiful Zen Garden while enjoying a Matcha Green Tea KitKat. The garden was complete with a rock garden attendant, babbling brook, soft chimes, and chanting yogi.

Matcha Green Tea 360° Zen Break

The 360° Zen Garden Video experience was placed on platforms with native 360° functionality, including YouTube, Facebook, and SnapChat.


9.5 Million

Views on youtube


of viewers completed
the one minute video double the youtube average


Lift in Ad Recall


Lift in Consideration
Kit Kat’s 360 degrees YouTube ad earns double completion rate
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