A Network Campaign Gone Wrong

truTV is a Turner-owned television network in the US. It used to be known for derivative reality shows like "Lizard Lick Towing" and “Cops.” In just 18 months, they completely transitioned to a 100% creator-driven comedy network. The only problem: No one knew.

To introduce the world to their unique flavor of funny in the most impactful way possible, the network partnered with WorkInProgress to launch its first-ever network campaign.

A New Network Tagline

We don’t think taglines are always necessary, but they can help a company redefine what it stands for. By launching a new tagline for truTV, we solidified their new position in comedy.

At last, a cable network tagline that really nails it. the shows on tru are funny and they derive from 'true' life. this four-word tagline is spot on.

- Media Post

Don't You Wanna Watch this?

Since the beginning of television, networks have brought their biggest stars together to rep their lineups, only to make them fake laugh, dance terribly, lip sync, and do other ridiculous things on camera. So we brought together 24 show creators to satirize traditional, glitzy network promos, creating 23 unique spots, which we ran on the very networks we were making fun of.

There's no running from network ads

More than 100 unique pieces of OOH satirized entertainment key art tropes by pairing our way-too-glam celebrities with brutally self-aware copy and ran across the country in subway dominations in Times Square, Chicago, Philadelphia and Washington D.C. on spectaculars, digital billboards, buildingscapes and 100s of two-sheets throughout Los Angeles and New York.



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