We are all a Work In Progress

Who We Are

Before opening WIP, its founding partners worked together for more than six years (at CP+B) leading iconic brands like Domino’s, Hotels.com, Kraft Mac & Cheese, and Infiniti to prolific results.

We know what it takes to shift momentum for a major corporation. We saw first-hand how big agencies and holding companies operate. That’s why we built a new model for ourselves and for the partners we serve.

What We Believe

We believe every brand should be a work in progress.

We believe in long-term partnership.

We believe our partners should know who’s working on their business.

We believe in saying “we” and never “you” or “them.”

We believe we should have an intimate knowledge of our partners’ companies.

We believe in finding opportunity in every assignment.

We believe in uncommon honesty and having the hard conversations.

We believe in being kind, thankful people.

We believe the people we work with can become friends and family.

What We Do

Oh Yeah, Awards

We care a lot more about business results than advertising awards, but it's great when you can achieve both. Here are a few of the big ones the team won while at CP+B.